Dough ONAH shares his LIFE LESSONS from his time working with the FIRST AU YOUTH ENVOY, AYA CHEBBI! #AYM

Dough ONAH — Aya Chebbi
Dough ONAH — Aya Chebbi
Dough ONAH — Aya Chebbi

1. Here’s how we can begin to organize better:​ If you want to start an initiative and an existing one, you should plug in — join forces and leverage on one another for better IMPACT.

At the moment, there are too many of us doing the same thing, and we think this is a good thing. Still, it is not, for according to the laws of advancements, growth, and development, the only way to grow is to grow vertically, rising upwards. Africa’s current kind of growth is a Horizontal growth, so it sees us spreading and duplicating inferior works when we can come together to build better conglomerates.

Host: Paradigm Initiative, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Policy Alert and The Root Hub.
Supported by: Omidyar Network.

Paradigm Initiative Stakeholders Engagement Session on Nigeria’s Digital Identity.

The presence of Ms. Uche Chigbo (Deputy General Manager, Special Assistant to the DG/CEO, National Identity Management Commission-NIMC-), The State Coordinator of NIMC in Akwa Ibo State, The Programme Officer of Paradigm Initiative (Mr. Adeboye Adegoke), The Legal Officer of Paradigm Initiative (Adeboro Odunlami), The Digital Inclusion Officer of Paradigm Initiative (Mr. Tosin Abolaji) among other Paradigm Initiative Staff, Policy Alert Staff, Root Hub Staff, Civil Society Organizations in the South South/South East and participants.

Digital Rights workshop, UYO 2020.

I am delighted to be participating in the Paradigm Initiative, #DigitalRights workshop. #Media and Information Literacy #MIL and #Internetgovernance are “the new basics” of education and this will further strengthen the works we’re doing at the #GAPMILYouth, lead by Daniel Nwaeze as we develop regional action plans, lead conversations and run inclusive campaigns across five (5) regions- #Africa, #Europe, #North & Latin #America, #AsiaPacific and the #Caribbean for #Digitalrights & #safety as well as educate the public on how to engage with information on and off the Internet, which, in turn, will help to build more inclusive #societies

Dough ONAH: At the Paradigm Initiative Digital Rights Workshop, Uyo 2020.

Following my…

Dough ONAH


When you THANK GOD, do well to #THANKGod for YOU and never in COMPARISON to what he did or did not do for the many others around you.
That is gratitude 👌 and #WisdomLivesHere

All your life, you have prayed like this …

“God I thank for for keeping me alive, many slept and did not wake.” ❌❌❌

“God thank you for health, many are sick in the hospital.” ❌❌❌

“Thank you God for your provisions, many are hungry.” ❌❌❌

Going forward…

MAGNIFY the LORD, EXULT the name of JESUS in your life and situation 👌

If you must THANK GOD in RELATION to others, (not comparison)…

“And, the rain finally came.
But, not without a whirlwind, a dust devil of forebode!”

“And, the rain finally came.
But, not without a whirlwind, a dust devil of forebode!” — Tony Ochelebe II

There’s a deep lesson in here… I pray God grants us wisdom to see through it all.

#WisdomLivesHere 📍
First, the people have prayed for several months for the rain to come, then the rain came, but when it did, the people complained — it came with this and that and that and this 🤦‍♂️ (as it is of HUMANS).

Here’s the lesson:
When we prayed for the rain, did we expect it to come without the accompanying natural elements?

When you ask God for rain, be sure it would come with the thunder, lighting, whirlwind amongst other natural elements.

When you ask God for the blessings of a companion in marriage, you’re asking for sleepless nights, you’re asking for…

100 years old secret exposed!!!

My answer to “where is the capital to start a business?”

Corporations brother…
There have worked for everyone for centuries, it still works and it ll work for you 👌.

Nothing is about you, absolutely nothing! Everything you do must benefit someone else, else you’d be living in oblivion.

It is not about YOU

If you have been going about life like it’s about you, you might want to take a minute to re evaluate your living metric 👌

Nigeria 🇳🇬 at 58, a call to action.

In the last independence day, 🇳🇬 at 57, there were so many beautiful messages, amazing ones with goosebumps flying all over the social media space — I remember because I wrote a few of those too.

1 year gone and we’re here again, nothing improved, from the obvious — power, roads, education, infrastructure, health systems, minimum wage, NOTHING.

… today, we’re set to see more awesome good will messages from “Patriots”, with political icons on some of those text and to a large extant young people who do nothing pragmatic than wail on the cyber space all year round…


Article 3 buh who’s counting?

There’s a train 🚉 in it’s station, its takes off at 7:30am every day whether it’s filled to capacity or not. 👌

My recommendation from my research data, presented at today’s TECH TALK at the IMPACT FOUNDATION FOR YOUTHs DEVELOPMENT Corporate office in Nigeria 🇳🇬


  • 1. My research suggests that rather than build an app for every idea you have, you should start off from a whatApp group, gather data, and test the process to get a clear line of action for quality assurance.
  • 2. Given the increasing eyes to phone ratio time, particularly on duration of time spent on whatsapp and what'sapp groups, the best way to launch your service / product based delivery system would be to launch a whats app group.
  • 3. Using whatsApp groups would see more starts up launch in Africa as most ideas are discarded upon conception given…


Research assistant #University of Calabar, FELLOW @nigeriasig , Nigeria Co-chair @AfrikaYM , Regional Driver @GAPMILYouth , Amb. @WEAfriHug , Trainer @Eagloid

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